Frequently Asked Questions

What age guide should I choose?

We intentionally picked challenging activities for each age to ensure they will be enjoyed for future months to come. You know your child best, so if new to Montessori, you may want to start your guides at an age younger than your child. Also remember that if your child isn’t interested in an activity right away, they will likely be interested in the coming weeks or months, so we encourage you to reintroduce at various points in the future. Rotation is key to a Montessori environment. 

Where do I select which guide to receive?

You will be able to select which month guide you would like to begin your subscription with at checkout.

When will the guides be delivered?

If you order this week (March 1st - 8th), your first guide will arrive in your inbox same day or next day. After that, if you sign up for a subscription, you will receive your next guide on the first of the month, starting April 1st. So if you sign up today for a 3-month package starting at 7 months, you’ll receive your 7-month guide today, your 8-month guide April 1st, and your 9-month guide May 1st. 

Can I order more than one guide at once? 

Yes, you can order multiple guides to arrive at once, which allows you to compare and pick activities from more guides at a time! It also gives you a bit of background if you’re new to Montessori. To do so, you can add multiple single guides for different months to your cart. 

I do not live in the US. Can I still purchase a guide?

Yes, though the links to purchase some of the activities may not work, depending on your country. You will still receive detailed information about the activity and presentation, and can hopefully locate products from local online retailers! 

Do you plan to make guides beyond 18 months?

Yes! As our girls get older, we hope to make guides to grow with them. Stay tuned in the near future for more guides! 

My child hasn’t been born yet. Is it too soon to order this?

This is the perfect time to purchase a first guide or package for your baby. You can set up their Montessori environment before they are even here! You could also gift a package to a friend or family member who is about to have a baby! 

Can I share the guide?

We ask that you only share the guide with your child’s caregivers. The guide is copyright protected and may not be shared with groups, schools, classes or teachers. 

A link on the guide isn’t working, what should I do?

We try to keep links updated with current products, but with ever changing stock this can be a challenge! Please email us and we will update the link. 

Is The Montessori Guide available in other languages?

The Montessori Guide is only offered in English.

Does this guide apply to boys too?

Of course! One thing we love about Montessori is that it is gender neutral. All activities presented in our guides are appropriate for both boys and girls.

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